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The Hilda's Hero Fund

Hilda’s Hero Fund was started in 2022 by several team members who were inspired by Hilda, a sweet dachshund we were treating for pulmonary hypertension.

Logo for The Hilda's Hero Fund (Dachshund with cape)

Hilda’s Hero Fund was started as a personal passion project in 2022 by three of our technicians – McKel, Michelle, and Valerie.

The fund was inspired by Hilda, a dachshund, who was being treated by our team for pulmonary hypertension.

Hilda’s parents wanted to donate money to other pet families and help those who were unable to afford veterinary care.

As a hospital, we were unable to process monetary donations, but our team was determined. After much research, we created an Angel Fund in Hilda’s name. While Hilda sadly passed away during the implementation, her family was extremely touched that we named the fund after their sweet girl and have continued to stay involved in its growth. Together, we are going to continue building Hilda’s legacy.

The fund is sponsored through the Veterinary Care Foundation, a nonprofit foundation created for the purpose of helping veterinary practices manage charitable funds. Those interested in donating can go directly to their website,, and select South Asheville Veterinary Emergency & Specialty (SAVES) from the drop-down menu to make a contribution.

Our hospital team members have already organized several events to help raise money for Hilda’s Hero Fund and have formed a committee to formally oversee fundraising and community outreach. We also have a dedicated committee in place to establish qualifying criteria and allocate collected funds so we can help as many pets and families as possible.

To learn about our upcoming events and meet the patients who have benefitted from the fund, follow Hilda’s Fund on social media:

Instagram: @hildasherofund1

Facebook: Hilda's Hero Fund

If your personal situation allows, please consider joining us in supporting Hilda’s Hero Fund.