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South Asheville Veterinary Emergency & Specialty

Before You Arrive

Please be sure your primary family veterinarian has submitted the referral form prior to calling our hospital for an appointment. For a seamless scheduling process, we want to ensure all referral paperwork has been received. We look forward to speaking with you and scheduling your pet’s appointment.

Dog in car with tongue out

Once you have confirmed with your family veterinarian that the referral process is complete, please contact our hospital to set up an appointment. Please allow a few minutes for us to get some information about you and your pet during the scheduling process.

Preparation Checklist:

  • Current medications

  • Any pertinent records from your family veterinarian to your appointment

  • Lab results

  • X-rays

Visiting Information

If you are allowed to visit, please keep in mind the following:

🔹 Should your pet be hospitalized during emergency hours, please consult the ER team to setup visitation times that will be the most helpful in aiding your pet’s recovery.

🔹 Any visitation must be arranged in advance by calling (828) 210-8285 and setting up a time.

🔹 Visitation is not allowed on the day of a procedure.

🔹 It is likely that you will not be able to meet with your pet’s specialist at this visit, but you will be able to meet with a technician on the team taking care of your pet.

Any visitation outside of these guidelines will be based strictly on medical necessity as determined by your veterinary specialist. Thank you for your cooperation.

Two Veterinarians Examining a Dog

Visitation Policy

If your pet is hospitalized, our goal will be to get them back to their home environment as soon as possible. During their stay, we will be in touch with you daily to update you on your pet’s progress. In general, we feel that it is in the best interest of our patients to remain hospitalized without the excitement of having visitors. Although visitors are happy to see their pet, the patient, who has settled in nicely, is often upset after their owners leave. However, there may be exceptions when our specialists will allow or even encourage visitors.